According to legend, Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley and Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, his cousin, sat under this great sycamore tree when she nursed him back to health after an illness. Darnley and Mary stayed at Crookston Castle, his family seat. They married on the 29th July 1565; Darnley, an attractive but weak character, being 20 and Mary 23 years old. "Romance found the match which political policy would be dictated" as Darnley was also a heir to the English throne. His assassination at Kirk O' Field, Edinburgh, on the 10th February 1567 was but another tale in the tragic story of the unfortunate Queen. But their son lived to be James VI of Scotland and James I of England in 1603. Motto: - "Avant Darnlé - jamais d'arrière" - (forward Darnley - never behind). Note: sycamores (or in Scotland, "planes") are durable trees and known to live over 400 years. Sycamores were probably introduced into this country by the Romans. They are indigenous to Northern Europe extending into Siberia. The English Channel probably prevented their earlier natural spread into Britain.

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