Rev James E. Ferguson

Died aged c. 52

James Edward Ferguson Jr. (August 31, 1871 – September 21, 1944), known as Pa Ferguson, was an American Democratic politician and the 26th Governor of Texas, in office from 1915 to 1917. He was indicted and impeached during his second term, forced to resign and barred from holding further Texas office. Unable to run under his own name, Ferguson ran his wife's campaign for Governor; Miriam A. Ferguson, known as "Ma" Ferguson, was twice elected as governor, serving two non-consecutive terms, from 1925 to 1927 and 1933 to 1935." In 1925, Miriam became the first female governor of Texas after campaigning as a stand-in for her husband, and technically James E. Ferguson became the first gentleman of Texas for her two terms.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Texas Historical Marker #01897

First United Methodist Church of Victoria. When Victoria was settled in 1824, Texas was part of Mexico and there were no Protestant churches. Itinerant Methodist ministers began to visit this area soon after Texas won independence in 1836. The Rev.Jesse Hord (1808-86), a missionary sent to this region by the Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Church, preached here in 1839. This congregation, formed in 1840 with the Rev. Joseph P. Sneed (1804-81) as pastor, was the first Protestant church in Victoria. Among its early pastors were the Rev. John Wesley DeVilbiss (1818-83), who helped conduct the first Protestant service in San Antonio in 1844, and the Rev. James E. Ferguson (1824-76), the father of Texas governor James E. Ferguson (1871-1944). Methodists worshipped first on South Street, then moved in 1852 to a small, frame building on Santa Rosa Street. In 1876 the steadily growing congregation occupied a frame structure on this site. Between 1896 and 1910, the church was known as Callender Chapel in memory of a prominent member, lawyer W.L. Callender. Damaged by a hurricane in 1886, the frame sanctuary was destroyed by a fire in 1910 and replaced by a masonry structure in 1911. The present facility was built in 1960. In the 1970s, the historic fellowship recorded a membership of over 1400. (1976) #1897

407 N. Bridge Street, Victoria, TX, United States where they preached

Texas Historical Marker #11617

Dresden United Methodist Church. The Rev. James E. Ferguson (1824-76), father of Texas Governor James Ferguson, was appointed in 1847 to Richland (later Dresden), the first Methodist circuit in Navarro County. Ethan Melton (1793-1873), the founder of Dresden -- which was "Richland" in his day -- gave land for a school, cemetery, and the church. A log cabin meetinghouse stood here in 1847. A storm razed that structure; fire, another. The present building stands near the original land. This church helped Blooming Grove Mission become a full-fledged church and has also aided other congregations. #11617

?, Blooming Grove, TX, United States where they preached

Texas Historical Marker #12584

The Rev. James E. and Fannie F. Ferguson. Alabama native James Ferguson (1824-1876) became a Methodist preacher in Arkansas before moving to Texas in 1847. As a circuit rider for the next 20 years, he served Methodists in numerous parts of central and southeast Texas. Ferguson wed native Texan Fannie Fitzpatrick (1839-1915) in Houston in 1855 and, following his service in the Civil War, the couple settled in Salado, where they farmed and operated a mill. Fannie ran the farm when James began preaching again and continued to successfully manage the farm and the family after his death at the age of 52. Their son James Edward Ferguson was elected governor of Texas in 1914 and again in 1916. (2001) #12584

?, Salado, TX, United States where they lived