William Allen

Died aged c. 76

William Allen (August 5, 1704 – September 6, 1780) was a wealthy merchant, attorney and Chief Justice of the Province of Pennsylvania, and mayor of Philadelphia during the colonial period. At the time of the American Revolution, Allen was one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Philadelphia. A Loyalist, Allen agreed that the colonies should seek to redress their grievances with British Parliament through constitutional means, and he disapproved of the movement toward independence. He built a manor and country estate, known as Mount Airy, in 1750 outside Philadelphia; the neighborhood became known by his estate's name and is now part of the city. In 1762 he founded what became Allentown, Pennsylvania, and had a hunting lodge there.

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William Allen (1704-1780). One of colonial America's wealthiest men, Allen supported construction of the state house, now Independence Hall. He helped establish Pennsylvania Hospital and the Academy and College of Philadelphia, which became the University of Pa. He founded the City of Allentown and was Chief Justice of the Pa. Supreme Court. Initially supporting colonial interests, he became a Loyalist until he died here at his estate, Mt. Airy, for which the community is named.

7300 Germantown Ave., near Allen's Ln., Philadelphia, PA, United States where they was