Arthur Storer

Died aged c. 42

Arthur Storer (1645–1687) was America's first colonial astronomer. He came to Calvert County, Maryland, from Lincolnshire, England. He was among the first observers to sight and record data about a magnificent comet that passed over Patuxent skies in 1682. Storer's work shows up in a number of Newton's writings. The comet became known as Storer's Comet, until Edmund Halley later predicted the comet's return; thereafter this celestial marvel was known as Halley's Comet.His observations of the great comet of 1680 are mentioned twice in Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.A planetarium bearing Storer's name is located in Prince Frederick, Maryland.

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friend of Isaac Newton

Commemorated on 1 plaque

Arthur Storer 1645-1687 astronomer & mathematician attended this school with his lifelong friend Sir Isaac Newton. First named astronomer in North America. Mentioned in Newton's Principia

King's School, Church Street, Grantham, United Kingdom where they attended school