Dr Seth French

Died aged c. 72

Dr. Seth French was born May 7, 1824. A physician from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, French purchased 8,000 acres in Volusia County adjacent to Blue Spring in 1874. He made several trips back to Eau Claire bringing with him settlers, known as the Wisconsin Company. This marked the beginning of Orange City. In 1876, the community organized the first public school in Volusia County. In 1879, Dr. French was elected to the Florida Senate, where he was instrumental in establishing the Florida Bureau of Immigration and publishing the booklet Florida As It Is. In 1881 Governor George Drew appointed him Commissioner of Immigration. When President Grant toured Florida in 1880, Dr. French accompanied him along with George Barbour of the Chicago Times. Barbour’s book, Florida for Tourists, Invalids and Settlers published in 1882, features Dr. French and was an early example of Florida promotional literature. Dr. French was also involved in the development of Sanford. He died January 29, 1896.


Commemorated on 1 plaque

Dr. Seth French

Dr. Seth French [full inscription unknown]

Seth French Home, 319 East Graves Avenue, Orange City, FL, United States where they was