Dr Mary J. Safford

woman and Doctor of Medicine

Died aged c. 57

Dr. Mary J. Safford, the first practicing woman physician in Florida, was born in 1834 and was a native of Cairo, Illinois. She served as a nurse during the Civil War, where wounded called her "the Cairo Angel." After the war she studied medicine in New York and Europe. Safford established a practice in Chicago and New England, and taught at the Boston University College of Medicine. Health problems prompted her to relocate to Tarpon Springs where her brother, Anson P. K. Safford, was a leader in developing and promoting the city. Dr. Safford treated patients in Tarpon Springs until her death, December 8, 1891.


Mary Jane Safford-Blake (December 31, 1834 – December 8, 1891) was a school teacher, a prominent nurse in the Union army and worked closely with Mary Ann Bickerdyke treating the sick and injured near Fort Donelson.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Dr. Mary J. Safford

Dr. Mary J. Safford [full inscription unknown]

Safford House, 23 Parkin Court, Tarpon Springs, FL, United States where they was