Clarkson Stanfield RA

Died aged c. 74

Clarkson Frederick Stanfield RA (3 December 1793 – 18 May 1867) was a prominent English marine painter; he is often though inaccurately called William Clarkson Stanfield.

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

In a house formerly standing on this site lived Samuel Pepys 1633-1703 diarist and Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford 1661-1724 statesman and in this house lived William Etty 1787-1849 painter and Clarkson Stanfield 1793-1867 painter

14 Buckingham Street, Westminster, WC2, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Bonchurch Shore A much favoured resort for many early English water-colour artists including: Clarkson Stanfield 1793 - 1867 Edward W. Cooke 1811 - 1880 Thomas M. Richardson Jnr. 1813 - 1890 Thomas C. L. Rowbotham 1823 - 1875 Myles B. Foster 1825 - 1899 Ernest A. Waterlow 1850 - 1919 who were inspired to paint here during the 19th century

Seaside Cottage, Bonchurch Shore, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom where they was inspired to paint

Stanfield House, Hampstead. Clarkson Stanfield 1793–1867 theatrical scenic artist, marine and landscape painter, Royal Academician lived here 1847-1865

Stanfield House, 86 Hampstead High Street, NW3, London, United Kingdom where they lived

Bodlewell House. Site of the home of James Fields Stanfield (1749-1824), seaman, actor and campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade. His son Clarkson Stanfield (1793-1847), seaman, landscape and marine artist, scene painter and Royal Academician was born here.

Bodlewell House, High Street East, Sunderland, United Kingdom where they was born (1793)