Frederick William Pomeroy

Died aged c. 68

Frederick William Pomeroy RA (9 October 1856 – 26 May 1924) was a prolific British sculptor of architectural and monumental works. He became a leading sculptor in the New Sculpture movement, a group distinguished by a stylistic turn towards naturalism and for their works of architectural sculpture. Pomeroy had several significant public works in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, notably in Belfast. His work in London includes the figure of Lady Justice (1905–1906) on the dome of the Old Bailey.

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Sheffield Town Hall Sheffield was granted its city charter in 1893 and the town hall was built to reflect its importance as one of Britain's great industrial cities. The exterior is of Stoke stone from Grindleford in Derbyshire. F. W. Pomeroy supervised the carvings, and the sculptured frieze represents Sheffield industries. Each part is 36 feet long, the same width as the Parthenon. The tower is 210 feet high and surmounted by the figure of Vulcan. Each clock face is eight feet six inches in diameter.

Town Hall, Sheffield, United Kingdom where they worked (1893)