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The Grand Surrey Canal was a canal constructed in south London, England during the early 19th century. It opened to the Old Kent Road in 1807, to Camberwell in 1810, and to Peckham in 1826. Its main purpose was to transport cargo, primarily timber (or 'deal') to the Surrey Commercial Docks. The Grand Surrey Canal closed progressively from the 1940s, with all but the Greenland Dock closing in the 1970s. Much of the route is traceable, as it has been turned into roadways and linear parks.

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The Grand Surrey Canal was started in 1801, with great plans to link fast-developing docks at Rotherhithe with Mitcham and Portsmouth. It opened as far as Camberwell Road in 1811, later reaching Croydon and Peckham, and formed a useful industrial artery for all kinds of goods and materials, finally closing in 1970.

Sumner Road, Burgess Park, London, United Kingdom where it was