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Sherlock Holmes (1854-1917)

man, consulting detective, bee keeper, and enemy

Names: Sherlock Holmes, S. Holmes, Holmes, and Sherlock

creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) and friend of Dr John H. Watson

Died aged c.63

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Commemorated on 4 plaques

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221b Sherlock Holmes consulting detective 1881-1904

221b Baker Street, London, United Kingdom where he lived
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At this place New Years Day, 1881 were spoken these deathless words "You have been to Afghanistan, I perceive." by Mr Sherlock Holmes in greeting to John H. Watson M.D. at their first meeting

St. Bartholomews Hospital, West Smithfield, London, United Kingdom where he spoke these deathless words 'You have been to Afghanistan, I perceive' (1881) and first met (1881)
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Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective & bee keeper retired here 1903 - 1917

near The Tiger Inn, East Dean, United Kingdom where he retired (1903-1917)
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At this fearful place, Sherlock Holmes vanquished Professor Moriarty, on 4 May 1891. An diesem furchterregenden ort besiegte Sherlock Holmes am 4. Mai 1891 Professor Moriarty. A cet endroit terrifiant, Sherlock Holmes a vaincu le Professeur Moriarty le 4 Mai, 1891.

Reichenbach Falls, Schattenhalb, Switzerland where he vanquished Professor Moriarty (1891)
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