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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Dead Bod 1960s-2017 Innocent bird is commemorated with iconic grafitti by local skipper Pongo

The Minerva Public House, Pier Street, Hull, United Kingdom where they grafittied

This plaque is dedicated to Dodie Smith (1896 - 1990) author of "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" Just before midnight they came to the market town of Sudbury. Pongo paused as they crossed the bridge over the River Stour. "Here we enter Suffolk", he said, triumphantly. They ran on through the quiet streets of old houses and into the market square. They ran on through hoped they might meet some dogs and hear if any news of the puppies had come at the Twilight Barking, but not so much as a cat was stirring. While they were drinking at the fountain, church clocks began to strike Midnight. Extracted from "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" Unveiled by the Mayor of Sudbury Councillor Mrs. Dee Braham on Tuesday 26th March 2002

Drinking fountain near St Peter's Cultural Venue - Market Hill, Sudbury, United Kingdom where they drank