Charles Vickery Drysdale

Died aged c. 87

Dr Charles Vickery Drysdale FRSE CB OBE (1874-1961) was a British electrical engineer and social reformer. He is remembered for opening the first birth control clinic in Britain in 1921 and co-founding the Family Planning Association in 1930. As an engineer he is remembered as the inventor of the Phase-shifting transformer. He was co-founder of the Institute of Physics and served as its Vice-President 1932-36. He was first a Malthusian and then a Neo-Malthusian and served as President of the Malthusian League. He is seen as a founding father of Neo-Mathlusianism.

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Dr Charles Vickery Drysdale 1874-1961 a founder of the Family Planning Association opened his first birth control clinic here in 1921

153a East Street, Walworth, Southwark, SE17, London, United Kingdom where they opened