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Grim's Dyke (sometimes called Graeme's Dyke until late 1891) is the name of a house and estate in Harrow Weald, in northwest London, England. The house was built from 1870 to 1872 by Richard Norman Shaw for painter Frederick Goodall and named after the nearby prehistoric earthwork known as Grim's Ditch. The house is best known as the home of the dramatist W.S. Gilbert, of the opera partnership Gilbert and Sullivan, who lived and farmed there for the last two decades of his life. He died while attempting to save a girl from drowning in his lake. Lady Gilbert and the Gilberts' ward, Nancy McIntosh, lived there until her death in 1936. The statue of Charles II now found in Soho Square stood on the property from about 1880 to 1938. The house was then used as a rehabilitation centre until 1963. From 1963, the house was used mainly as a location for films and television, including Futtocks End and The Avengers. It was converted into Grim's Dyke Hotel in 1970 but continues to be used as a film location. The hotel retains 30 of the original 110 acres of land that Gilbert purchased with the house.

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This house designed by R. Norman Shaw Architect, for Frederick Goodall Painter was later the home of W. S. Gilbert Writer and librettist

Grim's Dyke, Harrow Weald, London, United Kingdom where it was