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The Hogarth Press is a book publishing imprint of Penguin Random House that was founded as an independent company in 1917 by British authors Leonard Woolf and Virginia Woolf. It was named after their house in Richmond (then in Surrey and now in London), in which they began hand-printing books as a hobby during the interwar period. Hogarth originally published the works of many members of the Bloomsbury group, and was at the forefront of publishing works on psychoanalysis and translations of foreign, especially Russian, works. In 1938, Virginia Woolf relinquished her interest in the business and it was then run as a partnership by Leonard Woolf and John Lehmann until 1946, when it became an associate company of Chatto & Windus. In 2011, Hogarth Press was relaunched as an imprint for contemporary fiction in a partnership between Chatto & Windus in the United Kingdom and Crown Publishing Group in the United States, which had both been acquired by Random House.

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In this house Leonard and Virginia Woolf lived 1915-1924 and founded the Hogarth Press in 1917

Hogarth House, 34 Paradise Road, Richmond Upon Thames, London, United Kingdom where it was