Eric Coates

Died aged c. 71

Eric Francis Harrison Coates (27 August 1886 – 21 December 1957) was an English composer of light music and, early in his career, a leading violist. Coates was born into a musical family, but, despite his wishes and obvious talent, his parents only reluctantly allowed him to pursue a musical career. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music under Frederick Corder (composition) and Lionel Tertis (viola), and played in string quartets and theatre pit bands, before joining symphony orchestras conducted by Thomas Beecham and Henry Wood. Coates's experience as a player added to the rigorous training he had received at the academy and contributed to his skill as a composer. While still working as a violist, Coates composed songs and other light musical works. In 1919 he gave up the viola permanently and from then until his death he made his living as a composer and occasional conductor. His prolific output includes the London Suite (1932), of which the well-known "Knightsbridge March" is the concluding section; the waltz "By the Sleepy Lagoon" (1930); and "The Dam Busters March" (1954). His early compositions were influenced by the music of Arthur Sullivan and Edward German, but Coates's style evolved in step with changes in musical taste, and his later works incorporate elements derived from jazz and dance-band music. His output consists almost wholly of orchestral music and songs. With the exception of one unsuccessful short ballet, he never wrote for the theatre, and only occasionally for the cinema.

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Commemorated on 6 plaques

This view across the sea to Bognor Regis inspired Eric Coates to compose 'By The Sleepy Lagoon' in 1930. It became the signature tune for 'Desert Island Discs'

East Beach, Selsey, United Kingdom where they inspired

Eric Coates composer lived in this house 1925 to 1931

7 Willifield Way, Golders Green, NW11, London, United Kingdom where they lived

The Uncrowned King of Light Music In this house the famous composer Eric Coates lived learned to play the violin and wrote his early musical works

182 Beardall Street, Hucknall, United Kingdom where they lived , learned to play the violin , and wrote his early musical works

Eric Coates 1886-1957 Composer lived here in Flat 176 1930-1939

Chiltern Court, Baker Street, NW1 5SG, London, United Kingdom where they lived (1930-1939)

Eric Coates 1886-1957 Composer Lived Here

6 Aldwick Avenue, Bognor Regis, United Kingdom where they was

The Celebrated composer Eric Coates 1886 - 1957 lived in this house

182 Beardall St, Hucknall, United Kingdom where they was