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The Maxim gun is a recoil-operated machine gun invented by Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim in 1884; the weapon became the first automatic firearm in production by Vickers and also known as the first automatic firearm in the world, which used .303 British ammunition and a recoil-operating firing system, and required water cooling. The Maxim gun has been called "the weapon most associated with imperial conquest" by historian Martin Gilbert, and was heavily used by colonial powers during the "Scramble for Africa". Afterwards, Maxim guns also saw extensive usage by different armies during the Russo-Japanese War, the First and Second World Wars, and are used by insurgent groups in contemporary conflicts. The Maxim gun was greatly influential in the development of machine guns, and it has multiple variants and derivatives.

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Sir Hiram Maxim 1840-1916 inventor and engineer designed and manufactured the Maxim gun in a workshop on these premises

57d Hatton Garden, EC1, London, United Kingdom where it was invented