Tom Morris

Died aged c. 87

Thomas Mitchell Morris (16 June 1821 – 24 May 1908), otherwise known as Old Tom Morris, and The Grand Old Man of Golf, was a Scottish golfer. He was born in St Andrews, Fife, the "home of golf" and location of the St Andrews Links, and died there as well. Young Tom Morris (died 1875), also a golfer, was his son.

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Tom Morris 1821-1908 Old Tom won the Open four times (1861-62, 1864, 1867), a feat matched by his son, Tommy (1868-70, 1872). The father of modern green-keeping, he was keeper of the green at Prestwick and at St Andrews (1864-1903); a pioneer of professional golf; and a prolific golf course designer. "The grand old man of golf" was instrumental in the foundation of the New Golf Club (1902) and was its first honorary member. A regular visitor, he died on 24th May shortly after a tragic fall in this clubhouse. Father and son are burried in St Andrews Cathedral.

3-5 Gibson Pl, St Andrews, United Kingdom where they played and worked