Constance Baker

Died aged 61

A mother of eight, when one of her sons was killed in the war, distraught Mrs Baker and her husband, decided to offer their support to the troops by arranging entertainment in Bishops Park, Fulham, London.Much of the family’s wealth was spent on goods and food for the returning troops, which earned her the title, ‘Mother of the Wounded’.

Marham Parish Council

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Constance Baker née Ketteringham 'Mother of the Wounded' attended school here Born 21 June 1868 - Marham Died 28 August 1929

Village Hall, School Lane, Marham, United Kingdom where they was

Constance Baker "Mother of the wounded" Entertained the armed forces during the First World War in Bishops Park Born 21.6.1868 Died 28.08.1929

Bishop's Park, Bishop's Avenue, London, United Kingdom where they was