Eileen Blair


Died aged 39

Eileen Maud Blair (née O'Shaughnessy, 25 September 1905 – 29 March 1945) was the first wife of George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair). During World War II, she worked for the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information in London and the Ministry of Food. She was born in South Shields in the northeast of England. Her mother was Marie O'Shaughnessy and her father was Lawrence O'Shaughnessy, a customs collector. She died at the age of 39 during an operation.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Eileen Blair (nee O’Shaughnessy) 1905-1945 Wife of George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) was born in South Shields and brought up in this house

35 Beach Road, South Shields, United Kingdom where they lived

Eileen Maud O'Shaughnessy Blair (1905-1945) Poet, journalist, editor. Married Eric Blair/George Orwell in 1936 and influenced his most famous works. Attended Sunderland Church High School on this site.

Langham Tower, Mowbray Road, Hendon, Sunderland, United Kingdom where they attended school