James Boswell

Died aged 54

James Boswell, 9th Laird of Auchinleck (/ˈbɒzˌwɛl, -wəl/; 29 October 1740 – 19 May 1795), was a Scottish biographer and diarist, born in Edinburgh. He is best known for the biography he wrote of one of his contemporaries, the English literary figure Samuel Johnson, which the modern Johnsonian critic Harold Bloom has claimed is the greatest biography written in the English language. Boswell's surname has passed into the English language as a term (Boswell, Boswellian, Boswellism) for a constant companion and observer, especially one who records those observations in print. In A Scandal in Bohemia, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes affectionately says of Dr. Watson, who narrates the tales, "I am lost without my Boswell."

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biographer of Samuel Johnson and friend of Samuel Johnson

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James Boswell (1740-1795) biographer lived and died in a house on this site

122 Great Portland Street, Westminster, W1, London, United Kingdom where they lived and died (1795)

In this house occupied by Thomas Davies bookseller Dr. Samuel Johnson first met James Boswell in 1763

8 Russell Street, WC2, London, United Kingdom where they met Samuel Johnson (1763)

James Boswell (1740-1795) and Dr Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) are reputed to have met and dined in this building circa 1770. James Boswell the Scot's writer was acclaimed for his literary classic "Life of Johnson" a biography of his illustrious friend Dr Samuel Johnson the learned scholar, philosopher and critic

Witchery Restaurant, Castlehill, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they is reputed to have met and dined with Dr Samuel Johnson in this building circa 1770 (1770)

The Three Crowns. Dr Johnson frequently stayed here during his many visits to Lichfield. In 1776 he was accompanied by Boswell, who described him as "now monarchising with no fewer than three crowns over his royal brow".

Breadmarket Street, Lichfield, United Kingdom where they stayed

James Boswell biographer of Dr Johnson stayed here 24 September 1777.

Green Man & Black Head's Royal Hotel - 10 St John Street, Ashbourne, United Kingdom where they stayed (1777)

The Old Rosslyn Inn (circa 1660-1866). Among the distinguished visitors were King Edward VII when Prince of Wales, Dr Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, Robert Burns and Alexander Naysmith, Sir Walter Scott, and William and Dorothy Wordsworth.

Chapel Loan, Roslin, United Kingdom where they visited

In honour of James Boswell 1740 - 1795. Lawyer and diarist; biographer of Dr Samuel Johnson. Alumnus of the University.

Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they studied

James's Court. David Hume and James Boswell were residents - and Dr Johnson a guest - in this 18th century courtyard. Declined c.1790 with rise of New Town. Buildings destroyed by fire 1857.

James's Court, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they lived

James Boswell 1740 - 1795, lawyer, diarist & biographer, lived here 1773 - 1786

James Court, Edinburgh, United Kingdom where they lived (1773-1786)