George Boole

Died aged c. 49

George Boole (/ˈbuːl/; 2 November 1815 – 8 December 1864) was an English mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician. He worked in the fields of differential equations and algebraic logic, and is best known as the author of The Laws of Thought (1854) which contains Boolean algebra. Boolean logic is credited with laying the foundations for the information age. Boole maintained that: No general method for the solution of questions in the theory of probabilities can be established which does not explicitly recognise, not only the special numerical bases of the science, but also those universal laws of thought which are the basis of all reasoning, and which, whatever they may be as to their essence, are at least mathematical as to their form.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

George Boole 1815-1864 Mathematician, inventor of Boolean algebra, professor of mathematics, Queens College (now U.C.C.). He lived here from 1849 to 1855.

5 Grenville Place, Cork, Ireland where they lived

George Boole LL.D. D.C.L. F.R.S. 1815 - 1864 George Boole, father of modern algebra, author of the laws of thought and first professor of mathematics at University College, Cork, was born in Lincoln and established an academy in this house c 1840.

3, Pottergate, Lincoln, United Kingdom where they established an academy