Michael Marks

Died aged c. 48

Michael Marks (Polish: Michał Marks; June 1859 – 31 December 1907) was a Polish-British businessman and entrepreneur, who with Thomas Spencer co-founded the British retail chain Marks & Spencer.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

Dewhirst's and Marks & Spencer. This was the warehouse of Isaac Dewhirst, wholesale haberdasher and manufacturer of hosiery, pinafores, underclothing and aprons. Obtaining supplies here, the Polish immigrant pedlar, Michael Marks, met Dewhirst's cashier Tom Spencer. In 1894 they formed the most famous partnership in British retailing.

Harper Street, LS2, Leeds, United Kingdom where they met Tom Spencer

Marks and Spencer plc The clock mounted on the frontage of this store commemorates the centenary of the birth of Simon Marks, later Lord Marks of Broughton, who was born in Trafalgar Street Leeds on July 9th 1888. Lord Marks was chairman of Marks and Spencer from 1916 until his death in 1964. Simon Marks' father, Michael, founded the company in 1884 when he opened his first stall in Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Marks & Spencer, Briggate, Leeds, United Kingdom where they worked near

Michael Marks co-founder of Marks & Spencer, fled the pogroms in Poland in 1882. The company was founded here 1894

Kirkgate Market, Leeds, United Kingdom where they founded