Caroline Herschel

Died aged c. 98

Caroline Lucretia Herschel (/ˈhɜːrʃəl, ˈhɛər-/; 16 March 1750 – 9 January 1848) was a German born British astronomer, whose most significant contributions to astronomy were the discoveries of several comets, including the periodic comet 35P/Herschel–Rigollet, which bears her name. She was the younger sister of astronomer William Herschel, with whom she worked throughout her career. She was the first woman to receive a salary as a scientist and the first woman in England to hold a government position. She was also the first woman to publish scientific findings in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, to be awarded a Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1828), and to be named an Honorary Member of the Royal Astronomical Society (1835, with Mary Somerville). She was named an honorary member of the Royal Irish Academy (1838). The King of Prussia presented her with a Gold Medal for Science on the occasion of her 96th birthday (1846).

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Here lived Scientist and Musician Sir William Herschel 1738-1822 from where he found the planet Uranus, March 13th 1781 he also discovered Infrared radiation in 1800 ~ and his sister Caroline Herschel early woman scientist 1750-1848 Hunter of comets

19 New King Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they lived