Sir John Weld

Died aged c. 41

Sir John Weld (1582 – c. 1623) was a London merchant who in 1610 bought Arnolds, the estate which gave its name to Arnos Grove and on which Arnos Grove house was later built. He founded the Weld Chapel on 24 May 1615 in what is now Waterfall Road, Southgate. It was replaced by Christ Church in 1862. His son was also Sir John Weld (1613–1681), member of Parliament for Much Wenlock.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Site of the Weld Chapel Build by Sir John Weld In 1615 (replaced by Christ Church 1862)

On south wall of graveyard, Christ Church, Waterfall Road, N14 (The Green N14 end), Enfield, London, United Kingdom where they built