Thomas Rowlandson

Died aged c. 70

Thomas Rowlandson (/ˈroʊləndsən/; 13 July 1757 – 21 April 1827) was an English artist and caricaturist of the Georgian Era, noted for his political satire and social observation. A prolific artist and printmaker, Rowlandson produced both individual social and political satires, as well as large number of illustrations for novels, humorous books, and topographical works. Like other caricaturists of his age such as James Gillray, his caricatures are often robust or bawdy. Rowlandson also produced highly explicit erotica for a private clientele; this was never published publicly at the time and is now only found in a small number of collections. His caricatures included those of people in power such as the Duchess of Devonshire, William Pitt the Younger and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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Thomas Rowlandson 1757-1827 artist and caricaturist lived in a house on this site

16 John Adam Street, Adelphi, Westminster, WC2, London, United Kingdom where they lived