Neol Davies

Aged 70

Neol Edward Davies (born 26 April 1952) is a musician, composer and original member and founder of the British ska group, the Selecter. Born in Coventry, Davies wrote the instrumental tune "The Selecter" from which the band got their name in 1979. It was a double A side with "Gangsters" by Special AKA, which was the first 2 Tone Records single and reached 6 in the UK Singles Chart in July 1979. Davies formed the seven piece band The Selecter and wrote their hit songs "On My Radio", "Missing Words", "Three Minute Hero" and "The Whisper".

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The Holyhead Youth Club. In the basement of this building reggae and blues jam sessions took place between Charley Anderson, Aitch Bembridge, Desmond Brown, Neol Davies, Lynval Golding, Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson, Silverton Hutchinson, Ray King and others. The music created here was fundamental in the development of the 2-Tone sound that would follow. Neville Staple also operated a sound system from here.

Holyhead Youth Club (now Artspace), Coventry, United Kingdom where they jammed