Sir John Hotham 1st Baronet

Died aged unknown

Sir John Hotham, 1st Baronet (circa July 1589 – 3 January 1645) of Scorborough Hall, near Driffield, Yorkshire, was an English Member of Parliament who was Governor of Hull in 1642 shortly before the start of the Civil War. He refused to allow King Charles I or any member of his entourage to enter the town, thereby depriving the king of access to the large arsenal contained within. Later in the Civil War he and his son John Hotham the younger were accused of treachery to the Parliamentarian cause, found guilty and executed on Tower Hill.

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Site of the principal entrance of the ancient walled and fortified town c.1521- c.1780. Beverley Gate. Here Sir John Hotham, the Governor, denied entry in 1642 to King Charles I - the first overt act of the Civil War.

Ruins of Beverley Gate, Hull, United Kingdom where they denied entry to King Charles I