Psm v73 d316 edward goodrich acheson
Psm v73 d316 edward goodrich acheson
Edward Goodrich Acheson

Died aged c. 75

Edward Goodrich Acheson (March 9, 1856 – July 6, 1931) was an American chemist. Born in Washington, Pennsylvania, he was the inventor of the Acheson process, which is still used to make Silicon carbide (carborundum) and later a manufacturer of carborundum and graphite.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Photo of Edward Goodrich Acheson blue plaque
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Photo of Edward Goodrich Acheson and John Bacchus Dykes blue plaque
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Edward Goodrich Acheson 1856-1931 inventor, scientist, industrialist lived on this site 1912-1915

31 Prince Albert Road, NW8, London, United Kingdom where he lived

Edward Acheson. The eminent American chemist was born in this house with the round corner, 1856. Was awarded many medals for his invention of carborundum, artificial graphite, and other valuable products of the electric furnace.

SW corner of Main & Maiden Sts., Washington, PA, United States where he was born (1856)