Lindsay Anderson

Died aged c. 71

Lindsay Gordon Anderson (17 April 1923 – 30 August 1994) was a British feature film, theatre and documentary director, film critic, and leading light of the Free Cinema movement and the British New Wave. He is most widely remembered for his 1968 film if...., which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival and was Malcolm McDowell's cinematic debut. He is also notable, though not a professional actor, for playing a minor role in the Academy Award winning film Chariots of Fire. Malcolm McDowell produced a 2007 documentary about his experiences with Lindsay Anderson, Never Apologize.

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Lindsay Anderson (1923-1994) film and theatre director, critic and writer ‘This sporting Life', ‘If', ‘The Whales of August', lived here 1977-1994

Stirling Mansions, 12 Canfield Road, NW6, London, United Kingdom where they was