John Brown

Died aged c. 80

Sir John Brown (6 December 1816 – 27 December 1896), British industrialist, was born in Sheffield. He was known as the Father of the South Yorkshire Iron Trade.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Atlas Works (1854) From these offices was once controlled the John Brown industrial empire at its height employing 55,000 in coal, steel and ship building. The company locally were innovators in railway engineering & armour plating.

Atlas Works, Savile Street East, Sheffield, United Kingdom where they controlled his industrial his empire from these offices (1854)

John Brown John Brown (1816-1896), one of the greatest of the Victorian industrialist, was born in Orchard Square, in what was then Favell's Yard. He was apprenticed in nearby Orchard Place before setting up his first steelmaking workshop in 1844 at number 24 Orchard Street. Inventor of the conical spring railway buffer and pioneer manufacturer of railway lines and armour plate, his name lived on into the twentieth century through the steel forgings produced at Firth Brown for the famous battleships and liners built at the John Brown Shipyards, Clydebank.

Favell's Yard, Orchard Square, Sheffield, United Kingdom where they was born (1816)