King Henry IV of England

King of England (1399-1413)

Died aged c. 47

Henry of Bolingbroke (15 April 1367 – 20 March 1413) /ˈbɒlɪŋbrʊk/, born at Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, was King Henry IV of England and Lord of Ireland from 1399 to 1413, and asserted the claim of his grandfather, Edward III, to the Kingdom of France.His father, John of Gaunt, was the fourth son of Edward III and the third son to survive to adulthood, and enjoyed a position of considerable influence during much of the reign of Henry's cousin Richard II, whom Henry eventually deposed. Henry's mother was Blanche, heiress to the considerable Lancaster estates, and thus he became the first King of England from the Lancaster branch of the Plantagenets.

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In 1408 the Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag was excavated by John the Mason traditionally in thanksgiving for his young son being miraculously saved from falling rock. Permission for the shrine was granted by King Henry IV.

30 Abbey Road, Knaresborough, United Kingdom where they granted permission for the shrine