Wilhelmina Weber Furlong

woman, artist, and art teacher

Died aged c. 84

Wilhelmina Weber Furlong (1878–1962) was a German American artist and teacher. Among America's earliest avant-garde elite modernist painters, Weber Furlong was a major American artist who pioneered modern impressionistic and modern expressionistic still life painting at the turn of the twentieth century's American modernist movement. She has been called the first female modernist painter in American Modernism. Furlong's path reflects similar struggles of women artists during the late 1800s and early 1900s who found themselves subjugated to the tastes of realist instructors who opposed both modernism in art and women artists.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Weber Furlong 1878 -1962 one of America's great and influential artists of the twentieth century, Weber Furlong was among the first to champion the modern art movement. The final years of her life were spent in Glens Falls, where she lived and taught near this site at her Ridge Street studion until her death in 1962. Placed for the Warren County bicentennial.

Ridge Street, Glens Falls, NY, United States where they lived -1962)