John Frost

Died aged c. 93

John Frost (25 May 1784 – 27 July 1877) was a prominent leader of the British Chartist movement in the Newport Rising.

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Commemorated on 3 plaques

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The Chartists From this riverside on 3rd February 1840, John Frost, William Jones, and Zephaniah Williams, the convicted leaders of the chartist march on Newport, sailed to begin their transportation to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)

The Back, Chepstow, United Kingdom where they sailed from (1840)

John Frost 1784-1877 Chartist. Mayor of Newport 1836-7 Born Thomas St.

glazed facade linking the Old Post Office with the re-built Corn Exchange offices, Newport, Gwent, United Kingdom where they was

John Frost 1784-1877 Chartist leader and social revolutionary buried at Horfield Parish church lived here from 1855 to 1877

68 Park Road, Stapleton, Bristol, United Kingdom where they lived