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The Clifton Spa Pump Room opened 1st August 1894 architect Philip Munro (1843-1911). Built by Sir George Newnes at the request of the Society of Merchant Venturers as a place to take the healing waters and listen to lunch-time concerts.

Avon Gorge Hotel, Bristol, United Kingdom

Former pupils of Clifton College Michael Redgrave, Trevor Howard, John Cleese and John Housman [full inscription unknown]

Clifton College, Bristol, United Kingdom

Second Lieutenant Hardy Parsons VC 1897-1917 awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously after single-handed defence of position against German flamethrower attack in the First World War lived here 1915-1916

54 Salisbury Road, Redland, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Wardrobe Ensemble born here 2011

Rehearsal Rooms, Bristol Old Vic Theatre, Bristol, United Kingdom

Ralph Benjamin born 1922. Electronic Command-and-Control Systems 1946, The 'mouse' display-to-computer interface 1947, The World's first Digital Data New 1947, Radar detection of buried landmines 1995, Microwave detection of breast tumours 2006.

Engineers Walk, Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Industrial Revolution. Abraham Darby 1678-1717. First Metallurgical Laboratory 1702, Casting iron in sand moulds 1707, Smelting iron with coke 1710.

Engineers Walk, Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol radial aero engines Sir Roy Fedden 1885-1973 Jupiter 1920, Mercury 1927, Pegasus 1931, sleeve valve - Perseus 1932, Taurus 1937, Centaurs 1938

Engineers Walk, Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Railway engineer, protege of Brunel, Charles Richardson 1814-1896 Bristol and South Wales Union Railway 1863 spliced cricket bat and bowling catapult, Severn Tunnel 1886

Engineers Walk, Anchor Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Princess Caraboo Real name Mary Wilcocks 1791-1864 Arrived in Almondsbury on April 3rd 1817 and successfully passed herself off as Princess Caraboo from Javasu (a non-existent island) from which she claimed to have been kidnapped by pirates. Exposed ten weeks later, Mary emigrated to America returning to London 1824 and subsequently Bedminster where she became a leech dealer. From 1851 to the end of her life she lived at No 11 Princess Street.

11 Princess Street, Bedminster, Bristol, United Kingdom

Dame Katharine Furse, the first director of the Women’s Royal Naval Service, was born here [full inscription unknown]

Clifton Hill House, Bristol, United Kingdom

In this house on this site the first American consulate in Great Britain was established in September 1792

Queen Square, Bristol, United Kingdom

Frank Matcham (1854-1920) theatre architect designed this theatre

Hippodrome, St Augustines Parade, Bristol, United Kingdom

Dame Eva Turner 1892-1990 opera singer attended St Anne's School 1901-1906

St Annes School, Bloomfield Road, St Annes, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sir Henry Irving, actor, lived here.

Picton Street, Bristol, United Kingdom

This Bridge was designed in 1830 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 - 1859) Construction began in 1836 but was interrupted in 1834 through the lack of funds. It was not until 1864 five years after Brunel's death that the bridge was completed as a monument to his fame, the chains used being those from the Hungerford Bridge designed and erected by him in 1843.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, United Kingdom

Empress Eugenie de Montijo (1826-1920) wife of Napoleon III attended school here in 1836

2 Royal York Crescent, Bristol, United Kingdom

E. H. Young 1880-1946 novelist lived here 1907-18

2 Saville Place, Bristol, United Kingdom

Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864) poet lived here 1836-37

Penrose Cottage, Harley Place, Bristol, United Kingdom

Site of Newgate Jail Francis Greenway - Father of Australian Architecture imprisoned here in 1812. Richard Savage - Poet & Playwright died here in 1743

Broadweir, Bristol, United Kingdom

John James Figurre [full inscription unknown]

12 Felstead Road, Southmead, Bristol, United Kingdom

Gertrude Hermes b. 1901 wood engraver & sculptor died here 1983

5 Sion Hill, Bristol, United Kingdom

Eric Ball OBE 1903-1989 salvationist and composer - dedicated to God and worshipped here as a child, `The Beethoven of Brass'

Salvation Army Hall, Two Mile Hill Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Ada Vachell 1866-1923 champion of poor and disabled people and founder in 1895 of the 'Guild of the Handicapped' lived here from 1910-1923

Foley Cottage, 130 Hampton Rd, Redland, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sir George Oatley (1863-1950) Architect (designed Wills Building, Bristol Baptist College, Wills Hall), lived here (1902-34)

Bishops House, Clifton Hill, Bristol, United Kingdom

Victoria Hughes 1897-1978 who befriended and cared for prostitutes when she worked here as a lavatory attendant from 1929-1962

Public toilets on the Downs, Bristol, United Kingdom

Ronald Russell 1910-1994 Peggy Ann Wood 1912-1998 ran the Rapier Players repertory company here at the Little Theatre continuously from 1935-1963

Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol, United Kingdom

This building originally an hotel and assembly room was designed by Francis Howard Greenway 1777-1837 He became known as the Father of Australian Architecture for his later work in that continent

?, Bristol, United Kingdom

Ruby Helder 1890-1938 internationally famous Tenor singer

Flats at southern end of Easton Road, Easton, Bristol, United Kingdom

Arnolfini Centre [full inscription unknown]

Arnolfini Centre, Narrow Quay, Bristol, United Kingdom

William Friese-Greene 1855-1921 was educated on this site [full inscription unknown]

Queen Elizabeth II Theatre, Bristol, United Kingdom

Peter Nichols, Charles Wood, Deborah Kerr, Brenda Fricker, W. G. Homer and other Bristolians [full inscription unknown]

Council House, College Green, Bristol, United Kingdom

Queen's Picture House first purpose-built cinema in Bristol 1910 [full inscription unknown]

Castle Park, Bristol, United Kingdom

J. Lee Thompson screenwriter and director of many films including Guns of Navarone and Yield to the Night born here August 1914 [full inscription unknown]

3 Westbury Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Tivoli Music Hall where first moving pictures in Bristol were shown June 1896 [full inscription unknown]

Broadmead Shopping Centre, Bristol, United Kingdom

Aardman Animations founded in 1972 by Peter Lord and David Sproxton [full inscription unknown]

, Bristol, United Kingdom

Old Vic Theatre School. Daniel Day Lewis, Miranda Richardson and Peter O' Toole [full inscription unknown]

Old Vic Theatre School, 1-2 Downside Road, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Picture House run by the Grace family 1919-1959 [full inscription unknown]

57 High Street, Thornbury, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Watershed Media Centre established 1982 [full inscription unknown]

The Watershed, Bristol, United Kingdom

ABC Cinema the oldest working cinema in Bristol [full inscription unknown]

ABC Cinema, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Rt Rev. Dr Mervyn Stockwood 1913 - 1995 Vicar of this parish from 1941 - 1955 Bishop of Southwark 1959 - 1980 As a Christian he inspired generosity. As a leader he fought for tolerance.

Corner of Church Road/Cowper Street, Redfield, Bristol, United Kingdom

Isaac Rosenberg (1890-1918) artist and poet was born at 5 Adelaide Place

25 Garamound House, Clarence Road, Redcliffe, Bristol, United Kingdom

Kassam Ismail Majothi 1924-2002 founder of Bristol Sweet Mart

71 St Marks Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Adolph Leipner (1827-1894) founded first University Botanic Garden at Woodland Road. Co-founder of Bristol Naturalists Society lived here from 1870 to 1894.

47 Hampton Park, Cotham, Bristol, United Kingdom

Guy Broadwith Tordoff 1908-1990 teacher of Esperanto, pacifist and committed Quaker who travelled widely in Eastern Europe to promote peace through better communication Lived here from 1923-1988

82 Pendennis Park, Brislington, Bristol, United Kingdom

Ben Tillett 1861-1943 President of TUC and MP

8 Combefactory Lane, (upper Bannerman Road), Easton, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Gaiety Cinema 1933-2000 On this site stood the Gaiety Cinema, the last family owned cinema in Bristol which showed films to an estimated eight million people

Corner of Crossways Rd and Wells Rd, Knowle, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sir Robert Stephens (1931-1995) early star of the National Theatre, London stage and screen actor lived here from 1931 to 1939

34 Priory Rd, Shirehampton, Bristol, United Kingdom

Frank Norman (1930-1980) author and playwright was born here

151 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Michael Redgrave (1908-1985) actor and film star

4 Horfield Road, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sarah Guppy 1770-1852 inventor lived here 1841-52

9 Richmond Hill, Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom