Subjects of historical plaques - S

John Sadd
Annie Sage
Titanic Disaster victim
John Sage
(d.1912) Titanic Disaster victim
Blue Boar Inn, Salisbury
Saracen's Head, Salisbury
Francesco Sangiorgi
(d.1885) priest
Saracen's Head, Liverpool
(1810-1853) coaching inn
Saracen's Head, London
(d.1868) inn
Stanley Trade School
(1907-present) school
Highgate Primary School
(1877-present) school
St. Olave's Grammar School
Ronnie Scott
Cyril Scott
(1879-1970) poet
Emily Sharpe
Matilda Sharpe
(1830-1916) painter
Ed Sheeran
Mahanta Bahadur Shrestha
Padma Prakash Shrestha
Flt. Lt. J. F. Simpson
(d.1944) American Air Force Flight Lieutenant
Krystyna Skarbek OBE GM
(1908-1952) Special Operations Executive Agent
General Edmund Kirby Smith
(1824-1893) Confederate States Army General
Baptist Missionary Society
(1792-present) society
Assembly Rooms, Southwell
(1805-present) assembly rooms
Victor Spinetti
Myddelton Square
Tredegar Square
St Augustine's, Manchester
(1820-1908) church
William Olaf Stapledon
(1886-1950) science fiction writer
S.S. Arandora Star
(d.1940) ship
Camden Road tube station
(1870-present) railway station
Hadlow Road railway station
railway station
Farnham Police Station
police station
King's Lynn railway station
(1846-present) railway station
Alison Steadman OBE
Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Daphne Steele
(1929-present) Matron
steeple, Banff
(1794-present) steeple
Isla Stewart
(1856-1910) Matron
Town Hall, Stockport
town hall
Picton Liberty Stone
19-21 Castle Street
Colin Stroud
Fred Gaisberg Studio
(1898-present) recording studio
Sumer is Icumen in
(1240-present) canon (song)
Assembly Hall, Sunderland
assembly rooms
Rev Thomas Swan
(1795-1857) Minister
Swansea Rugby Football Club
(1872-present) Rugby Union Club
St Augustine's, Swinton
(1870-present) church
Swinton Lions Rugby League Football Club
(1866-present) Rugby League football club
Ben Corless Sykes