Subjects of historical plaques - G

The Gadget
(1945) world's first nuclear device
Ian M. Gall
(1932-2005) Mr Castlefield
Capt Roy Trent Gallemore
(1895-1977) United States Navy Captain
Galleria Umberto
(1887-?) public shopping gallery
Samuel Galton
(1753-1832) arms manufacturer
Edith Margaret Garrud
(1872-1971) Suffragette
Greyfriars Gate, Coventry
(1385-1781) gate
George Gause
(1920-1986) mayor
Carl Friedrich Gauß
(1777-1855) surveyor
Noel Gay
(1898-1954) lyricist
Lou Gehrig
(1903-1941) "The Iron Horse"
Sir Archibald Geikie OM KCB PRS FRSE
(1835-1924) geologist
Gaetano Genovese
(1795-1875) architect
David Gestetner
(1854-1939) developer of office copying machinery
Sir John Gielgud CH OM
(1904-2000) actor
Gild Hall of the Holy Cross, Birmingham
(1392-present) hall
Joseph Gillott
(1799-1873) steel pen manufacturer
Allen Ginsberg
(1926-1997) poet
T. W. Gissing
(1829-1870) chemist
John Charles Gittins
(1928-2001) humourist
Col James Givins
(1759-1846) Colonel
William Ewart Gladstone
(1809-1898) statesman
Pte. Sidney Godley VC
(1889-1957) British Army Private
John Goepel
(1906-1994) namer of the streets of Crawley new town
Theo Van Gogh
John Golland
(1942-1993) composer
Frederick Goodall
(1822-1904) painter
Francis Goodwin
(1784-1835) architect
Dr Paul Gordan PhD
(1837-1912) Professor of Mathematics
Dr John Gorrie
(1803-1855) Doctor of Medicine
Thomas Goss
Rev John Goss
Mary Goss
Governor's house, Newark-upon-Trent
Kenneth Grahame
(1859-1932) author
Percy Grainger
(1882-1961) composer
David Grant
(1833-1893) composer of Crimond and other psalm tunes
RQMS Harry Grantham DCM MBE
Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
Robert Graves
(1895-1985) writer
Thomas Gray
(1716-1771) poet
Great Fire of Marlborough
(1653) fire
Great Synagogue, London
(d.1272) synagogue
Horace Greeley
(1811-1872) founder of the New-York Tribune
Samuel Sharpless Green
(1846-1941) public library supporter
Kate Greenaway
(1846-1901) artist
Les Greenhaugh
(d.1981) publican
Francis Howard Greenway
(1777-1837) architect
Ferdinand Gregorovius
(1821-1891) historian
David Greig
(1885-1952) founder of the Greig's chain of grocers
Glencairn Greit House
(1623-present) house