Easton Colliery

place and colliery

Closed aged c. 88

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Easton Time Signs Trail #1b

From 1824 until 1912 this site housed the Easton Colliery. It was then purchased by the Hemmings family and has now become the head office of Hemmings Groups Holdings Limited

Hemmings Waste Disposal, St Gabriel's Road, Easton, Bristol, United Kingdom where it sited

This plaque was erected in February 1998 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Felix Road Adventure Playground established for the children of Easton, Bristol. The site was once the north coalyard of the former Easton Colliery, which stood here 1824-1912, and was later used as a stoneyard for Cowlins Ltd (1913-1963)

Felix Road, Bristol, United Kingdom where it sited (1824-1912)