Elizabeth Ann Linley


Died aged c. 38

Elizabeth Ann Sheridan (née Linley) (September 1754 – 28 June 1792) was the first daughter (and second of twelve children) of the composer Thomas Linley and his wife Mary Johnson, and was herself the wife of the leading playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. She was one of the most noted soprano singers of her day, though her husband discouraged her from performing in public after their marriage.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

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Thomas Linley lived here and from this house his daughter Elizabeth eloped with Richard Brinsley Sheridan on the evening of the 18th March 1772

11 Royal Crescent, Bath, United Kingdom where they eloped and lived

Elizabeth Anne Linley afterwards Mrs. R. B. Sheridan lived here 1767-1771.

Old Orchard Street, Bath, United Kingdom where they lived