Sir Edmund Gosse

writer, critic, and Knight Bachelor (from 1925)

Died aged c. 79

Sir Edmund William Gosse CB (/ɡɒs/; 21 September 1849 – 16 May 1928) was an English poet, author and critic. He was strictly brought up in a small Protestant sect, the Plymouth Brethren, but broke away sharply from that faith. His account of his childhood in the book Father and Son has been described as the first psychological biography. His friendship with the sculptor Hamo Thornycroft inspired a successful career as a historian of late-Victorian sculpture. His translations of Henrik Ibsen helped to promote that playwright in England, and he encouraged the careers of W. B. Yeats and James Joyce. He also lectured in English literature at Cambridge University.

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Family tree

Commemorated on 2 plaques

Here lived Philip Henry Gosse 1810-1888 zoologist Sir Edmund Gosse 1849-1928 writer and critic born here

56 Mortimer Road, Hackney, N1, London, United Kingdom where they was born (1849)

Philip Henry Gosse Born April 6th 1810-Died August 23rd 1888 Writer, Naturalist and Zoologist who lived at "Sandhurst" for thirty years (1857-1888)

Manor Road, St Marychurch, Torquay, United Kingdom where they lived