King Edward V of England

Prince of Wales (1471-1483) and King of England (1483-1483)

Died aged c. 13

Edward V (2 November 1470 – c. 1483) succeeded his father, Edward IV, as King of England and Lord of Ireland upon the latter's death on 9 April 1483. Edward V was never crowned, and his brief reign was dominated by the influence of his uncle and Lord Protector, the Duke of Gloucester, who deposed him to reign as Richard III on 26 June 1483; this was confirmed by the Act entitled Titulus Regius, which denounced any further claims through his father's heirs. Edward and his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York, were the Princes in the Tower who disappeared after being sent to heavily guarded royal lodgings in the Tower of London. Responsibility for their deaths is widely attributed to Richard III, but the lack of any solid evidence and conflicting contemporary accounts allow for other possibilities.

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Commemorated on 1 plaque

Edward V As Prince of Wales, King Edward V lived in Ludlow returning in April 1483 to London where he was probably murdered

Castle Square, Ludlow, United Kingdom where they stayed