Earl Edward Bruce

Died aged c. 38

Edward Bruce, Earl of Carrick (Norman French: Edward de Brus; Middle Irish: Edubard a Briuis; Modern Scottish Gaelic: Scottish Gaelic: Eideard or Iomhair Bruis; c. 1280 – 14 October 1318), was a younger brother of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. He supported his brother in the 1306–1314 struggle for the Scottish crown, then pursued his own claims in Ireland. Proclaimed High King of Ireland in 1315 and crowned in 1316, he was eventually defeated and killed by Anglo-Irish forces of the Lordship of Ireland at the Battle of Faughart in County Louth.

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Rutherglen Castle stood near here. It was built c. 1264, possibly replacing an earlier structure. Captured during the War of Independence by pro-English forces, it was repossessed by 1313 by Edward Bruce. After the Battle of Langside, May 13th 1568 it was burnt down. One tower was rebuilt and became the seat of the Hamiltons of Elistoun, Lairds of Shawfield. The last remains of the castle had been quarried away by 1770.

20 Castle Street, G73 1DY, Rutherglen, United Kingdom where they was (1313)