First United Methodist Church of Huntsville. Before 1842 Methodists in Huntsville were probably served by itinerant preachers on the Montgomery County circuit. The Texas Methodist Conference appointed The Rev. Henderson B. Palmer as first pastor of the Huntsville church in that year. Records from 1854 indicate 120 members on the roll, but no permanent church was constructed until 1857. The church purchased the land at this site in 1854, with the deed made out to trustees of the church D. J. Ransom, Thomas Gibbs, Robert Wynne, Williamson Wynne, Thomas Bowdre, and their successors. The first sanctuary was erected under the pastorate of The Rev. A. Davis. By 1888 a new building was needed, so the original was torn down and replaced with a larger one. A wooden structure was later added to the rear to provide room for Sunday School classes. In 1910 fire destroyed the church. Under the leadership of The Rev. E. W. Solomon a new building was begun, and was completed in 1913 during the pastorate of The Rev. R. W. Adams. Fire again damaged the church in 1918, and it was rebuilt the following year. Throughout its history, the First Methodist Church of Huntsville has provided significant service and leadership to the community. #8452