First Methodist Church of Palestine. This church began with Methodist classes organized by John Wilson in 1840 and held in this area at the home of John Box. Louisiana Catherine "Aunt Bee" Small helped formally organize a Methodist church in Palestine soon after its selection as Anderson County Seat in 1846. By 1848 the Palestine community was included in the circuit of the Rev. Henderson D. Palmer. Palestine's first church structure was built by area Methodists in 1850 at present day 812 N. Mallard Street. Named "Bascom Chapel" after Bishop Henry B. Bascom, it served numerous congregations in the community for many years as Palestine's sole house of worship. In 1884 Palestine's Methodists erected a new sanctuary at the corner of Avenue A and N. Mallard Street and named it "Centenary." About 1900 a split in the congregation resulted in the formation of the First Methodist Church. Led by Dr. James Kilgore, First Methodist built a sanctuary here in 1910. The structure was remodeled in 1952 and in 1986 the adjoining "Carroll Building" was erected. Women's local and foreign missionary efforts have been a part of church activities since at least 1910. The congregation continues to support numerous youth programs and activities. #8750