El Camino Real. First blazed in 1691 by Captain Don domingo Teran De Los Rios first provincial governor of Texas. In an expedition officially directed by Father Fray damian Massanet O-F-M Apostolic Missionary and explorer in Texas. the general route was northeast from the Rio Grande to the San Antonio River thence across the Guadalupe, San Marcos, Colorado, Brazos, and Trinity Rivers to the missions in east Texas. Other expeditions taking the same route: Espinosa Olivares Aquirre in 1709, St. Denis in 1714, Ramon in 1716, Alarcon in 1718, marquis of Aguayo in 1720, Moses Austin in 1820. The Republic of Texas Officially made this road a boundary between a number of empresarial land grants. Normangee - Home of the Old San Antonio Road Association. Erected by the State of Texas 1936 #9621

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by Texas Historical Commission #9621 of the Texas Historical Marker series

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