Turner House Artists Alfred Turner RA (1873 - 1940) and his daughter Winifred Turner (1903 - 1983) lived here and worked in the adjacent studio. Alfred sculpted the Fulham war memorial at All Saints Church and other public and exhibited works in the UK and abroad. Winifred's most famous work 'Youth' is displayed in the V&A and other works are in museums including the Tate. Her husband Tom Paget (1893 - 1974) engraved both Drake's Golden Hind and the portrait of King George VI on the 1937 - 1952 half-penny. The King is said to have visited the house and studio for sittings. Jessica Turner (known as Bill) who also lived here donated many of her sister's and father's works to public institutions before her death in 1995.

This plaque replaced a blue circular one during the 2010s.