Eleanor Marx


Died aged c. 43

Eleanor Marx Aveling (born Jenny Julia Eleanor Marx; 16 January 1855 – 31 March 1898) was the English-born youngest daughter of Karl Marx. She was herself a socialist activist, who sometimes worked as a literary translator. In March 1898, after discovering that her partner and prominent British Marxist, Edward Aveling, had secretly married a young actress in June the previous year, she committed suicide by poison. She was 43.

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Commemorated on 2 plaques

Photo of Eleanor Marx grey plaque
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Eleanor Marx 1855-1898 dedicated to the Labour Movement lived here 1873

6 Vernon Terrace, Brighton, United Kingdom where she lived (1873)

Eleanor Marx 1855-1898 Socialist Campaigner lived and died here

7 Jews Walk, Sydenham, London, United Kingdom where she lived -1898) and died (1898)