Philip Webb

Died aged c. 84

Philip Speakman Webb (12 January 1831 – 17 April 1915) was a British architect and designer sometimes called the Father of Arts and Crafts Architecture. His use of vernacular architecture demonstrated his commitment to "the art of common building."

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colleague of William Morris and friend of William Morris

Commemorated on 4 plaques

Red House built in 1859-60 by Philip Webb architect for William Morris poet and artist who lived here 1860-1865

Red House Lane, Bexleyheath, London, United Kingdom where they designed

The architect Philip Webb 1831 - 1915 co-founder with William Morris of the society for the protection of ancient buildings lived here 1900-1915

Turners Hill Road, Pound Hill, Crawley, United Kingdom where they lived

91-101 Worship Street Built as workshops and dwellings Designed by Philip Webb, 1862 Friend and colleague of William Morris. Co-founders of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, 1877.

91-101 Worship Street, London, United Kingdom where they designed

Webb House 1881-91 Designed for Bell Bros, ironmakers, by Philip Webb, one of the most influential 19th century architects, famous for designing houses. It is one of the few non-domestic commissions he accepted during his career. It was later occupied by Dorman Long, best remembered for the design and ? of the the Sydney Harbour ? Australia [full inscription unknown]

Webb House, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom where they designed