William Friese-Greene

Died aged c. 66

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William Friese-Greene (born William Edward Green, 7 September 1855 – 5 May 1921) was a prolific English inventor and professional photographer. He is principally known as a pioneer in the field of motion pictures, creating a series of cameras in the period 1888–1891 with which he shot moving pictures in London. He went on to patent an early two-colour filming process in 1905. His inventions in the field of printing – including photo-typesetting and a method of printing without ink – brought him wealth, as did his chain of photographic studios. However, he spent everything he earned on inventing, going bankrupt three times and being jailed once, before dying in poverty.

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Commemorated on 9 plaques

It was here that the inventor of cinematography William Friese-Greene 1855-1921 carried out his original experiments which led to a world-wide industry

20 Middle Street, Brighton, United Kingdom where they carried

William Friese-Greene cinematograph pioneer lived here 1910-1913

9 Worcester Villas, Hove, United Kingdom where they lived (1910-1913)

To perpetuate the name and memory of John Arthur Roebuck Rudge who lived for many years in the adjoining house and after numerous experiments conducted in the basement was the first Englishman to produce moving pictures by means of photographs mounted on a revolving drum And also of his friend William Friese-Greene who had his studio at no. 9 The Corridor nearby,the inventor of commercial kinematography, being the first man to apply celluloid ribbon for this purpose. Kinematography can thus be attributed to the labours of these two citizens of Bath where this wonderful invention undoubtedly received its birth.

New Bond Street Place, Bath, United Kingdom where they had his studio near

On this site W. Friese-Greene the inventor of the moving picture camera served his apprenticeship as a photographer from 1869-1875

67 Queens Road, Bristol, United Kingdom where they served an apprenticeship

William Friese-Greene 1855-1921 Early pioneer of cinematography opened a photographic shop and studio on this site in 1880. Although now recognised as the 'father of film' he died in poverty.

30 Union Street, Plymouth, United Kingdom where they owned a photographic shop and studio

This tablet was placed here on June 21 1939 by the proprietors of the Orpheus cinema Bristol as a tribute to the genius of their fellow citizen William Friese-Greene, the inventor of kinematography, and to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his patent guaranteed by the British Patent Office June 21 1889

Orpheus Cinema, 51 Northumbria Drive , Bristol, United Kingdom where they was

Born here 7 September 1855 William Friese-Greene The pioneer of Cinematography This commemoration plaque was unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Ald. Harry Crook, J. P. on the occasion of the inventor's centenary 7th September 1955 and honoured by the Bristol Savages, Bristol Civic Society, Western Counties Photographic Federation Institute of Bristol Photographers Bristol Amateur Cine Society Bristol Photographic Society Bristol Camera Club and citizens of his native city. This plaque was transferred here from Number 12 College Street which once stood opposite.

Council House, College Green, Bristol, United Kingdom where they was born (1855)

Centenary Of Cinema 1996 #039

William Friese-Greene 1855-1921 was educated on this site [full inscription unknown]

Queen Elizabeth II Theatre, Bristol, United Kingdom where they was educated

William Friese-Greene 1855-1921 pioneer of cinematography lived here

136 Maida Vale, London, United Kingdom where they was