Arthur Bell Nicholls

Died aged 87

Arthur Bell Nicholls (6 January 1819 – 3 December 1906) was the husband of the English novelist Charlotte Brontë. Between 1845 and 1861 Nicholls was one of Patrick Brontë's curates and was married to his eldest surviving child, Charlotte, for the last nine months of her life. He cared for Patrick Brontë after Charlotte Brontë's death and spent the rest of his life in the shadow of her reputation. He returned to his native Ireland, remarried and left the church.

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Patrick Bronte (1777-1861) The Old School Room Haworth built this school for the children of Haworth. Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne all taught here. Site of Charlotte's wedding reception in 1854

The Old School Room, Church Street, Howarth, United Kingdom where they held a wedding reception (1854)