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Charlotte Brontë (1816 - 1855) In 1846 The Revd. Patrick Brontë came to Manchester for a cataract operation accompanied by his daughter Charlotte. They took lodgings at 59 Boundary Street West (formerly known as 83 Mount Pleasant) It was here that Charlotte began to write her first successful novel Jane Eyre

The Salutation, Boundary Street West, Manchester, United Kingdom where they began to write Jane Eyre

Roe Head - Built on land bought from the Armytage Kamily of Kirklees Hall in the mid-17C and rebuilt in 1740. The building became a school in 1830, attended by the Brontë sisters, Charlotte, 1831-32, Emily, 1836, Anne 1836-7. Charlotte returned in July 1835 as a teacher. Headmistress of the school was Margaret Wooler (Mrs Prior in Shirley) and Charlotte's Friends at school were Ellen Nussey and Mary Taylor (Caroline Helstone and Rose Yorke in Shirley).

Holly Bank School, Roe Head Site, Far Common Road, Mirfield, United Kingdom where they attended school and taught

Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Emily Brontë lived here as pupils of the Clergy Daughter's School 1824-25. The school was moved to Casterton 1833

former Clergy Daughters' School, A65, Cowan Bridge, United Kingdom where they lived and attended school

The George Inn. In Elizabethan times Ralph Rokeby Esq. (d. 1575) secretary of the Council of the North lived in a house on this site. Subsequently for about two and a half centuries there existed here a Hostelry known since 1614 as the George Inn, from which horsedrawn coaches departed to Hull, Manchester and Newcastle. The sisters Charlotte and Anne Brontë stayed here in 1849. Leak & Thorp moved to this site in 1869.

19 Coney Street, York, United Kingdom where they stayed (1849)

This plaque commemorates the old Quartier Isabelle of which the Rue Terarcken is a lucky survival. Charlotte and Emily Brontë would have passed this street when going to the Pensionnat Heger in the Rue d'Isabelle where they stayed in 1842-43. The memory of this area lives on in the vivid image Charlotte portrays in her novel Villette

Quartier Isabelle, Brussels, Belgium where they passed through (1842-1843)

In this house were born the following members of the Bronte Family - Charlotte 1816 - Patrick Branwell 1817 - Emily Jane 1818 - Anne 1820

74 Market Street, Thornton, United Kingdom where they was born (1816)

The Brontë family vault is situated below this pillar, near to the place where the Brontë's pew stood in the old church. The following members of the family were buried here: Maria and Patrick, Maria, Elizabeth, Branwell, Emily Jane, Charlotte.

Haworth Church (interior), Main Street, Haworth, United Kingdom where they worshipped

This was the site of the gate leading to the church used by the Brontë family and through which they were carried to their final resting place in the church.

Graveyard, Haworth Church, Main Street, Haworth, United Kingdom where they worshipped

Charlotte Brontë (1816-1855) taught at this school built in 1832 and restored by the church in 1966 with help from the Brontë Society.

Church Street, Haworth, United Kingdom where they taught

Bronte House. This plaque was erected in Queen Elizabeth II jubilee year in commemoration of the great authoress Charlotte Bronte who stayed here in 1849-52

40 Belle Vue Street (side elevation to lane), Filey, United Kingdom where they stayed and stayed

Patrick Bronte (1777-1861) The Old School Room Haworth built this school for the children of Haworth. Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne all taught here. Site of Charlotte's wedding reception in 1854

The Old School Room, Church Street, Howarth, United Kingdom where they held a wedding reception (1854) and taught